Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Texas you should have your Roof Inspected twice a year.. Here's why...

You have likely experienced this weather menace for yourself if you have spent any length of time in the Dallas, Ft Worth area. Hail damage is caused by a weather phenomenon of upward drafting winds that send moisture into the upper levels of the atmosphere. The more times precipitation is cycled from lower levels to upper levels – the more this is repeated – the larger a hail sample will be. Hail may happen in several instances throughout the rainy season, and it only takes one squarely-landed chunk of ice to compromise your roof’s (and therefore your property’s) weatherproofing.
Protection from weather and hail damage on your property starts from the top down. Additionally, your roofing system is only as good as its weakest area because once a breach is established moisture can find its way into parts of your property where it should not exist. Let’s take the case of your home – though we service all types of roofs, hail is often a problem throughout residential areas and carries with it these liabilities, including:

Roof leaks … There are record samples of hail exceeding the girth of a softball! However, a much more modestly- sized example may ignite hail damage. It may be the width of a quarter or smaller, traveling from the top of cumulous cloud and smacking on an asphalt tile at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour, rapidly accelerating the deterioration process. Unexpected water may soon find its way into your interior walls and affect electrical components as well as furniture.
Windows … We not only have plenty of experience troubleshooting and preventing interior havoc after a hail storm on roofs, but we also fix peripheral hail damage. That includes windows, which are particularly vulnerable when solid objects fall from the sky. More features throughout your property at risk typically include:




Furniture (such as outdoor patio goods)

Storage sheds




Security cameras

Satellite dishes

  • With our many years of experience, we know very well that a roof is not only an entire system demanding the full harmonization of all of its various parts; it is also part of the overall structure of a building. Because we are so adept at fixing hail damage on rooftops throughout the area, we have also grown strong in our repair and renovation work for those other areas of a property affected by hail. We are highly skilled in general construction work, offering the same principles of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and a great value applies to the work. We are a team of professionals carrying plenty of seasoned experience and the most training and certification, and we are particularly familiar with issues pertaining to properties in North Texas and the conditions they must endure.

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